Settling down

So we moved 50% of all of our things in on Saturday and since then we have been making little trips back and forth. On Saturday and Sunday it rained all day and it was cold, so by the end of Sunday we were all sick of being cold and wet.

We’ve been staying at the house since Saturday night. Im just now getting to the point where I don’t wake up every few hours confused about where I am.

I’ve cooked 3 times and I’ve set the smoke detector off 2. In our last house we had a hot plate that I would turn on before I needed it so I could get warm enough to heat the pan, here with the normal stove I can turn it on and instantly there is heat!

We have all been in and out all week, busy finishing up the junk that goes along with moving. Hopefully soon we will be able to put a serious dent in the boxes that cover our house. Our dogs are adjusting well to the move except they’ve already terrorized the neighbors cat.

Keep us in your prayers as we settle into life in community.


Tomorror, tomorrow. Theres always tomorrow.

I suppose that’s true, unless tomorrow is the day your moving into a new house! Yes, its finally here. Tomorrow we shall embark on a journey unlike none other…actually, more like every other renter after their lease is up, we’re rollin, rollin, rollin. But its bitter:sweet. since we got married, sarah and have lived around the south asheville and made memories here. Its where we planted our proverbial roots. As excited as I am to pack up and experience a new journey, my wife reminds me of the things that will be missed and what all were leaving behind (See, there’s another reason a wife is such a blessing. I wouldn’t have thought twice about it).

Like i started out saying, tomorrow is the day, the big move. We’ve packed almost everything and tomorrow we load up and roll out like thugs and thieves. ..minus the thugs and thieves part. Although we will look pretty pimp rollin in our drop top uhaul with spinners and 24’s, chromed out…more like rusted out and moldy. Either way tomorrow’s the day and and my crew, 4 deep, will be on a pavement display.




I totally don’t mind the actual moving aspect.  I enjoy unpacking and rearranging but packing…not so much.  While packing I tend to find so many other important things that need to be done, such as posting pictures of my procrastination online. 


Closing a chapter

Even though we are excited to move out of our tiny basement apartment. As I make lists and begin to pack I can’t help but remember all the good times we have had in it. We laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve even done a few happy dances. God has been faithful to us, he blessed us, and brought us to a new deeper relationship with each other and him. I am grateful that we have had these experiences but I am most definitely looking forward to what God has in store in the next chapter. I have no doubt that I will be challenged and stretched.

Now back to packing….

It’s Official!

We’ve crossed our “i”s and dotted our “t”s.

Wait a second, that doesn’t sound right…

As of today the Anastasis House is official – the lease has been signed!

We hope that you will join us in this journey by following our posts and supporting us with your prayers!

Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the foundations of past generations.You will be called the Rebuilder of Broken Walls and the Restorer of Streets Where People Live.

– Isaiah 58:12


Love, The A Crew